Floorball club Valmiera is one of the largest and most advanced floorball clubs in Vidzeme. The club's base is located in Valmiera Olympic Center, Čempionu Street 2, Valmiera. The club is proud of more than 130 members and a full system - from the smallest to an adult team competing in the country's highest league.

Floorball started to be played in Latvia at the beginning of the nineties of the last century. At the end of the decade, the sport developed rapidly in Valmiera as well, when floorball enthusiasts created several teams that successfully participated in the Vidzeme Championship. With the growing popularity of floorball and the number of players, in May 2003 a decision was made to create a men's team of the Valmiera floorball club in the city. The initiators of the creation of the team were Artis Jansons and Māris Rosenbach. The Valmiera team debuted in the Latvian championship in the fall of 2003.

In the following years, in cooperation with the Valmiera Children's Sports School, SIA "Valmieras Olimpiskais centrs", the municipality of Valmiera and many supporters, a floorball club system was gradually established - children's, youth and adult teams, a team of floorball coaches. In recent years, the club competed with 10 children, youth and adult teams in competitions organized by the Latvian Floorball Union. Club teams regularly participate and succeed in international tournaments as well.





The head coach

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The head coach assistant

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  • PLAY

    If you just want to play in the Valmiera floorball club, we will provide you with accommodation near the Valmiera Olympic Center. We will provide all necessary equipment for the training process and games.

    Valmiera floorball club has excellent cooperation with Vidzeme University. You have the opportunity not only to play in Valmiera, but also to study at a university, in your chosen field of study, completely free of charge if you play in the Valmiera floorball club system! Read more about Vidzeme University HERE

    If you want to play and work in Valmiera, we will help you with your work and make sure that you enjoy the time you will spend with us!

    We appreciate everyone who can contribute their knowledge and skills to the development of the club. We can offer you the opportunity to work in different age groups, providing knowledge and skills about floorball.