Floorball in Latvia began to play in the last century in the early 1990s. By the end of the decade the sport quickly evolved in Vidzeme. Therefore several teams from this region took a part in Latvia Floorball Elite League. Also in Valmiera floorball enthusiasts created few floorball teams, which took part in the Vidzeme championship with good results.

With the growing popularity of floorball in Valmiera in 2003, was taken decision to create Floorball Club "Valmiera". In cooperation with the Children's Sports School of Valmiera, the Club included the children floorball teams of all ages, as well as the adult team. Floorball Club created the initiator was Artis Jansons and Māris Rozenbahs. Valmiera city municipality supported newly created floorball club and it was included in the foundation's "Valmieras sporta klubs" system.

The debut of Latvian Championships FBK "Valmiera" experienced in the fall of 2003, when the men's team started the Latvian Floorball First League championship tournament. While in 2004, the team debuted in the Latvian Elite League. FBK „Valmiera” previous seasons improved the team's performance and since the 2014/2015 season, the team ensured a safe place the best top eight in Latvia.

FBK "Valmiera" workout and a playground are located in Valmiera, Vidzeme Olympic Center, Rigas Street 91. Games arena equipped with Gerflor Floorball flooring. Vidzeme Olympic Center five times have taken a Latvian Floorball Elite League play-off games.

FBK „Valmiera” achievements:

2003./2004. season - 1st (First League) win in promotion games to Elite League
2004./2005. season - 9th (Elite League)
2005./2006. season - 5th (First League)

2006./2007. season - 5th (First League)
2007./2008. season - 2nd (First League)
2008./2009. season - 12th (Elite League)
2009./2010. season - 13th (Elite League)
2010./2011. season - 2nd (First League)

2011./2012. season - 12th, 1/8 final in play-off games (Elite League)

2012./2013. season - 11th (Elite League)
2013./2014. season - 10th (Elite League)
2014./2015. season - 8th, quarter final in play-off games (Elite League)
2015./2016. season - 6th, quarter final in play-off games (Elite League)

2016./2017. season - 4th, semi-final in play-off games (Elite League)

2017./2018. season - 2nd, FINAL in play-off games (Elite League)


8 7 6
5 4 3